Another Fun filled Friday night!

February 4, 2023
Good morning Schooner Wharf, friends and Magic Bar Fans! As the winds picked up so did spirit of the crowd. We carried on with closed doors and open minds, while experiencing the strange things that take place at my Comedy Magic Bar at Schooner Wharf!
It was wonderful to see Carol at the Magic Bar last night. That’s one girl can always depend on to come up with something clever to commemorate any Magic bar anniversary. Thanks to Joe, Morgan, Cheryl, Sarah and all the walking tour people. A big shout out to my new Chicago friends! Captain Kirk, Jeff, Carol and Jean you guys brought back memories of places I only heard about while growing up. And thank you to all the others including our poor, confused little buddy of last night who thought Magic Bar meant Marijuana bar. Sorry pal. 😁
I wouldn’t worry. He seemed to be pretty far along on his Magic bus when he found us. I don’t think the evening was too much of a disappointment to him.