September 12, 2021

Hello friends and Magic fans!

How we doin’ boys and girls!!

This is the first of what I plan to be many blogs on As the site grows I’ll try to share more of what I have on the history of bar Magic as well as what’s happenin’ at the Magic bar on a nightly basis. I’d hate for a good story to slip through the cracks.

I’ll also be able to update all of you on where I travel and when. Although a lot of my shows are trade shows, conventions, and private affairs, I also have public appearances when I am on tour. I will make sure I list these in a blog before and while I travel. My fun-tastical stops abroad will also soon be posted on a convenient calendar.

For all locals and tourists (I prefer to say our long-distance locals) I’ll see you at Frank’s Magic Bar tonight. For everyone else tuning in to, kindly drop a line on messenger, email, or text and let me know when you or your friends are planning to come to Frank’s Magic Bar. Also, let me know if there is a particular trick you want me to spring on your friends. I always love to take requests that spice up the show!

TTFN! (Tah Tah for now)

Magic Frank Everhart II