Frank’s Magic Bar has new hours!

October 19, 2021

Hello friends and Magic fans!

Hello friends and Magic fans! This will be released by Schooner Wharf soon. Most of you already know, but I thought I’d just pass it along. See you Wednesday!

From the people of Schooner Wharf Bar, we are pleased to announce that our beloved and ever-popular “Frank’s Magic Bar” now has expanded and exciting new hours for our customers! Frank Everhart, Schooner Wharf’s very own Master of Comedy and Magic, has been tickling your funnybones and astounding your minds for years. We’ve conjured up even more convenient chances and longer-lasting times to catch Frank’s special brand of Magic that everybody’s always raving about! 

Frank’s Magic Bar will now be open 7 pm – til’ –  late, Wednesday thru Sunday. At Schooner Wharf Bar we are happy to say that the Magic bar has been growing in fan base and notoriety. On top of that followers of Frank’s Magic Bar also had a request themselves. Local Magic fans and those Magic enthusiasts that join us from all around the world have told us that they have new jobs that have brought on earlier schedules in their lives,

The request for more early hours and that growing passion for just MORE Magic!! prompted us to take some awe-inspiring action and broaden the span of spell-binding bewilderment! We always aim to please ar Schooner Wharf Bar; therefore, Frank’s Magic Bar’s expanded hours of excitement are already in place and people are loving it! Come join us soon and help us mix still greater Magic with the Margarita’s. Now there are even more tic-tocs on the timepiece to celebrate with music, food, fun, drinks, and of course… MAGIC!!

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